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Managed firewall

The first line of defense against various types of threats is a firewall. Plus, a properly managed firewall can offer better protection. A lot of employees spend most of their day on the internet.
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IT Support

Many people think that the job of an IT support company is difficult and complicated to explain. Some say it’s technological witchcraft. But that’s actually not true. The role of an IT...
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Managed IT Services

Managed services are any kind of outsourced services for the daily IT and technology needs of a small business. Contracts for managed services vary from taking care of minor technical...
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Most small and medium business owners have objections in their responses when cybersecurity is being discussed and they are mostly related to the cost.
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SpartanTec, Inc.  Fayetteville NC serves small and medium businesses in North and South Carolina with Managed IT services and IT support. Now is not the time to question if your business is safe from outside attack.

We augment IT teams, or serve as the IT team, SpartanTec, Inc. offers timely resolution and Best in Class service.

Call us today – (910) 745-7776 – for an in-depth analysis of your business.

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