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A Guide To IT Services Fayetteville NC

SpartanTec, Inc. helps your company remain profitable, productive, and safe through the smart and efficient use of technology and IT Services Fayetteville NC. For years, business of all sizes have depended on our wide array of managed IT services to deal with their IT challenges. Trust us to do the same for your company. Strategic […]

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Managed IT Services: Managing Risk through Digital Trust

Managed IT services is crucial for all businesses, whether big or small. The Internet is the backbone of the new digital economy. McKinsey estimates that data growth has generated 10% net new growth in GDP, and with the increase of IoT, it is estimated that in just three years there will be 4.3 devices connected […]

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Chrome Zero Day Exploit Gets Fixed With Latest Update

On April 20, 2021, Google released Chrome 90.0.4430.85, designed to address a zero day exploit hackers are currently taking advantage of, tracked as CVE-2021-21224. The patch also patches four other high severity security flaws that had previously been plaguing the most popular browser on the web. By the time you read these words, the latest […]

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Protect Your Company With Backup and Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is crucial. Is your business ready for a massive technology failure? Do you have a well thought out or thorough steps set in place to make sure that your business would function and recover as needed? If you’re a company owner, you should manage to answer these important questions. With the complexity of […]

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The Barriers and Benefits of Zero Trust

There is a growing increase in interest on zero trust during the COVID-19 pandemic as several companies have accepted that their perimeter based security method creates vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to a remote workforce. In the past few years, applications were pushed into the cloud, however, users suddenly being placed outside the perimeter is […]

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4 Things You Need To Know About Managed Firewall Services

Effective management of the architecture of your company’s firewall can mean the difference between becoming the latest victim of data breaches and having an effective defense against cybersecurity threats. A lot of companies know that firewalls are a crucial component of their network security perimeter. However, there’s so much more to efficient firewall management than […]

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IT Services Pros: Protect Your Business and Customers

It is important to have all the information you need about your customers and clients. However, making sure that these private details remain safe is as important as the overall health of any business. Several small business owners could provide a more attractive target for shady individuals like hackers than bigger firms since they do […]

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What Is Zero Trust Security?

Zero trust security can be defined as an IT security model that needs stringent identity verification for each device and person who tries to access any resource on a specific private network, whether they’re inside or outside the perimeter of the network. There’s no single technology that’s related to the zero trust architecture; it is […]

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A Guide to Cybersecurity Best Practices Across Industries

Fortinet Field CISOs Courtney Radke, Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, Jim Richberg, Renee Tarun, and Rick Peters offer actionable insights for establishing cybersecurity best practices around cloud security and Zero Trust within their respective industries. Cybersecurity Best Practices for CISOs Courtney Radke, Fortinet Field CISO Retail “Omnichannel retail experiences have enabled retailers to expand to new demographics and open up […]

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Why should your company use zero trust network?

John Kindervag, of the earliest cybersecurity experts, created the term zero trust and introduced it into the market. It is based on the concept that every attempt to access the network, whether from the inside or the outside, is considered as a threat. You’re probably wondering why. It’s because cybersecurity breaches usually happen within the […]

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