CybersecurityYou can significantly improve your threat alerts plus spend more time creating effective cybersecurity strategies if you hire continuous monitoring with the help of a reliable security services provider. Listed below are five reasons why you should consider 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring.

The Dramatic Changes In The Cybersecurity Landscape

Companies face a threat landscape that’s never been seen before. Almost every month, there’s news about a massive data breach. Big firms are struggling to keep up with the rise of threats that hit their security teams on a daily basis.

Small and mid-size businesses are affected, too. As a matter of fact, cybercriminals are targeting SMBs since enterprise organizations have ramped up their cybersecurity Fayetteville NC defenses. Both SMBs and enterprise are facing several challenges. Plus, there’s that lack of internal resources as well as a small market for skilled IT experts who will manage everything. Having a security partner who will check your environment all day and night is what’s needed by businesses today. Experts have predicted that security outsourcing is going to be a major investment category in the coming years.

Strict Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

This year, security leaders are concentrating on dealing with the new compliance and regulatory requirements that may cost them millions in penalties and fines due to non-compliance. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the first and most crucial new efforts in global regulation to have an effect on multinational businesses and organizations processing EU subject data. Aside from that, the United States is working on the Data Security and Breach Notification Act. The new bill is the first Federal regulation that will penalize firms that have been hacked.

Almost every country is now taking consumer data privacy and protection seriously thanks to the introduction of the new legislation that will hold organizations accountable. It’s crucial for your company to take steps to reduce the risk of data compromise and establish some security controls to protect the consumer data. That is why regular network and security monitoring from a reliable provider of managed IT services is a must.

Minimize Data Breaches

A team of IT professionals who review security logs and events all day and night can assist you in improving your MTTD or Mean-Time-To-Detect. The 2017 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study said that the average MTTD for a survey of 491 firms was 191 days and had a range of 24 to 546 days. Think about a hacker within your environment in that particular time frame. What’s the extent of the damage that one hacker or more could do to your company? When a threat actor gains access to your business, they could cause a lot of problems on endpoints and systems and then steal your data or perhaps hold it at ransom.

Boost Your Mean-Time-To-Respond

The main metric for several security teams to assess their effectiveness is in terms of the Mean-Time-Detect as well as the Mean-Time-To-Respond. When your security team determines or detects threats and triggers an alert, it will then become a matter of how long is needed to contain and remediate the threat.

Some companies have invested millions in endpoint security, antivirus, and firewalls. However, these technologies can create thousands of alerts every day. This could cause your security or IT team to go through alert fatigue. But with 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring, your company can significantly improve your MTTR and MTTD with the appropriate alerts. A team of experts from a reliable IT consulting company can leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), orchestration, and automation to boost alerts and determine the events that are significant.

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