cybersecurityEvery industry and companies of different sizes are being targeted by cybersecurity criminals. Just turn on your TV or check your social media and you’ll see reports about cyberattacks. These attacks are increasing in sophistication and number, and this trend is expected to continue.

So now is the time to have a plan. You can come up with one with the help of an IT Services Fayetteville NC company. Create a cybersecurity strategy that can provide your company with the foundation as well as the mandate to roll out good procedures and policies for enhancing resilience. When developing the strategy, here are the five common mistakes that you need to avoid.



Cybersecurity Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost

Trusting your perimeter defense too much.

During the early stages of a data breach, it’s not the question of if but when. Cyber attackers would compromise your company’s first line of defense such as your internet saving services, email accounts, and employee workstations. Although it is important to set up your defenses on the perimeter, you can’t ignore attention on what takes place when a cybercriminal gets access to your network. Can you stop the attacker from going to a more sensitive part of your network that may lead to major damage? Contemporary networks need more than a single layer of defense to sufficiently protect your information as well as your computing resources.

Focusing on prevention and neglecting detection and response.

An initial attack will take minutes. The discovery as well as the response will take weeks and even months. A study even revealed that attack can be identified in an average of 256 days, which is too long. A cyberattack may not be noticeable, so your company should also focus on detection and response.

Depending too much on compliance.

Compliance will not guarantee protection against all cybersecurity threats. It is only the baseline requirement. Regulations are made to protect client and financial information. As technology continues to advance and your company continues to grow, a compliance mindset will put your business at risk. To protect your client data, operations and reputation, as well as confidential corporate data, you should go beyond compliance and opt for an offense-oriented method.

Failing to know the difference between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

The offense focused cybersecurity IT Support Fayetteville NC services are usually not defined clearly by those who procure or offer them, which leads to confusion. Penetration testing involves performing humans replicating the actions of cyberattackers. Meanwhile, a vulnerability scan involves an automated test, which is referred to as penetration test.

Not considering cybersecurity as a business risk.

Many companies consider cybersecurity as an IT problem. But it’s more than just an IT issue. The more connected you are, the more at risk you are of a cyberattack. They will use sophisticated methods to steal your employee and client data, trade secrets, intellectual property, and more. Aside from that, cybercriminals can take control of your physical assets such as phone systems, HVAC systems, door locks, and more.


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