data securityAre you doing everything you can to secure your customer information? In case you’re unsure if that’s what you’re doing then now is the perfect time to include it on your priority list. After all, you wouldn’t want your company to have problems with cybersecurity breach, right?

It is a time consuming process and can definitely affect you company’s bottom line? It could lead to reporting requirements as well as notifications to people whose data has been breached. Just be sure to consult your legal adviser. And since your clients trust you with their personal details daily, data breaches, as well as fraud pose a threat to the reputation of your business. Once again, in case you notice a breach, you must always talk to your legal adviser.

You might think data breaches only occur in large firms. The truth of the matter is that it can take place to companies of all sizes. The SEC said that one study discovered that 60% of all the targeted cybersecurity attacks happen to small businesses. Another study also learned that about 60% of those companies that have been hacked eventually go down. They only stay afloat for as long as six months and they shut down.

The first step when it comes to securing the data of your customers is to learn about data security. It is comprised of techniques and practices that prevent hackers from accessing your data. It could be in the form of a firewall or software that can detect suspicious activities and make sure that your payment devices are secured. It should also help monitor transactions constantly.

Computer Security and Data Security Tips

Know your data

Create a list of all the client data you collect or have stored. It includes things like physical addresses, names, phone numbers, email addresses, as well as billing information. Then you should list out where you are storing all of these details – if it is electronically stored or kept in a physical filing system. Be sure to be comprehensive. You need to know everything that you can access and where you can get it.

Restrict Access

Only your most trusted business partners and employees must have access to your client data. If you keep things in you file cabinet, on your computer, or perhaps in an online tool, be sure only a few people have the passwords, codes, or keys to these important files. And make sure that you have a thorough inventory of who have access to what. By doing so, if a person leaves the firm, you can easily change codes and the passwords so you can keep your things secured and protected.

Use Strong Passwords

You have heard this a lot of times before, however, it is crucial for you to create passwords that are guess proof. Your business name or perhaps a simple number combination will not cut it. You need to have strong passwords which are eight characters at least. It must contain both upper and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers, too. You must likewise let two factor authentication, which is a security procedure that needs two ways of verification (usually a texted code and an email address) – to log in to any app that contain sensitive information.

Take Authenticated Payments

In terms of face to face transactions, you no longer need magnetic strip cards because it is already outdated and they are less secured. Fortunately, you have other options like EMV like chip cards as well as NFC like Apple Pay. Compared to magnetic strip cards, where the bank account information of a customer remains at the back of the card, the NFC and EMV transactions need authentication and that means they encrypt client account information as the payment is being processed.

You Must Be PCI Compliant

To ensure that business owners secure the data of their customers, credit card firms have developed a set of rules called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS. The latter makes sure that companies that get, process, store, and transmit credit card information should keep a secured environment so the sensitive details won’t fall into the wrong hands. They have to follow security standards that all five major payment companies have developed through their organization.

Install Antivirus Software

You need to protect your computer through the installation of an anti-virus software. It doesn’t have to be expensive. There are several antivirus programs out there that are affordable. Don’t forget to consult with an IT support about the best software for your company.

Use Spam Filters

Everyone knows that they have to get rid of emails that look fishing. However, spammers are getting better these days and they now know how to make emails that look legit even though they are not. You can avoid falling prey to these scams by installing a reliable spam filter on your email system.


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