managed firewallFirewall, backup, and anti-virus are three crucial components in cybersecurity. In this post, you’ll understand the reasons why.

When the World War I concluded, Arthur Scherbius, a German engineer developed a device that that played a pivotal role in a different worldwide conflict of unprecedented magnitude two decades after. It’s a machine called the Enigma machine. The device, which became more complicated with every iteration, was composed of different rotors that, on their own, could encrypt messages input through the attached typewriter. Every rotor conducted a basic substitution cipher, however, when you run it through different rotors, the encryption achieved a whole new level of complexity.

Originally used for sending sensitive company secrets within the commercial area, the technology was then adopted by the military in Germany before the World War II. When war started in Europe again, Enigma encoding became crucial to the Axis power’s operation, utilized for sending sensitive and vital information across the airwaves. Because the Enigma system is complicated, the Germans were sure that the could could not and would not, be broken.

However, the Germans were very wrong. Utilizing photographs of the Enigma operating manuals that were stolen and then obtained by a German spy, the Cipher Bureau of the Polish General Staff was able to make their own Enigma machine, allowing them to decrypt significant amounts of the Axis intercepts substantially. Before Poland’s invasion, the Poles were able to share their knowledge with the British and French military to hasten the German’s defeat. A huge team at the Bletchley Park found  in Buckinghamshire, which was led by Alan Turing, who was known as the code breaking master, became the main location for the Allied efforts in order to keep up with the operations of the Enigma.



Germay, which still believed that the code isn’t unbreakable, still continued to use Enigma for different communications. However, even the complex Enigma systems with four rotors were decrypted eventually. They had to do a lot of things to make sure that the Germans never had to learned that their code was broken, and labelling the information obtained from Enigma as Ultra, trying to hide the operations of the Bletchley Park a secret. They had to avoid suspicions from the Germans and that’s why they had to use it only a few times.

The Polish Cipher Bureau’s efforts, Bletchley Park, Alan Turing, as well as the countless women and men who played a role in the cracking of the code of the Enigma were characterized as decisive within the war’s shortening, and managed to save more than 14 million lives.

Updated Cybersecurity Is Crucial

Just like the Germans who thought that the Enigma will never be cracked, many business owners thought that their probably outdated, current, cybersecurity strategies would secure their data. However, in the modern day where digital data is extremely precious, cybercriminals work tirelessly just to get into even the most secure environment. You can safely assume that they already made a workaround for the antivirus system that you are currently using. What you thought was good before may not be effective today. It’s just impossible for a firewall and cybersecurity solutions from even two years ago to protect your precious data from a modern hacking technology these days.

Protect Your Company With Effective Managed Firewall and Cybersecurity Solutions

Firms, nowadays that do not keep updated of the latest trends in cybersecurity and managed firewalls, trying to stick to their very own Enigma, are trying to pay a certain price eventually. When the lock has been picked, you will require a new lock and the cybercriminals always try to crack new locks every day.


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