IT OutsourcingIT outsourcing could be an excellent method for startups and small business to deal with tedious tasks while improving productivity and cutting back on costs. Outsourcing necessities that are all tech-related allows employees and small business owners to focus on responsibilities that are far more important like customer service, sales, and more, without the need to hire more in-house employees.

But all areas of the business must be outsourced. Handing off the incorrect tasks to a third party could hurt your company much more than it could help out. Listed below are 10 tech jobs that IT experts recommend small businesses to outsource.

Hire IT Outsourcing Services For These Tech Tasks

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS

Outsourcing equipment like servers, hardware, as well as network systems to an infrastructure provider could help you save millions of dollars in labor and costs. Building your own infrastructure isn’t easy nor cheap. It will need not just a huge budget to buy and house them, but also heavy maintenance by skilled IT support professionals. By outsourcing, small businesses and startups could cut back on their budgets, because the infrastructure service provider does not only own the equipment but is also responsible for operating and troubleshooting the units. Users just have to pay on a subscription basis.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing lets businesses gain access to their required information anytime, anywhere, through the use of any device of their choosing. Hosting a cloud system is expensive and it could open up a company to security risks if the tech used is outdated. Through outsourcing, small businesses could concentrate on utilizing the cloud instead of maintaining it.

E-commerce Website Design

If you are not an expert in website development, then you must think about outsourcing the design of your e-commerce website to make sure that it does not only look great but also run efficiently and smoothly. This will help keep your clients from encountering problems as they browse or purchase products or services from your online store.

Website Updates

Together with building a well-designed website in the first place, it is crucial for businesses to make sure that their websites are updated, too. This could be a difficult job for those who don’t know what they’re doing. There is a lot to monitor to make sure that the website remains updated with the latest trends and changes in technology. Therefore, outsourcing these tasks could help you keep a strong presence online without getting in the way of other essential tasks.


Providers of managed IT services will inform you that your data is safe however, businesses must also outsource other important cybersecurity solutions. It is a smart move for companies to outsource their cybersecurity professionals instead of relying on the guarantees of IT vendors since there’s no company that could provide a 100% data safety guarantee.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a kind of security that asks users to provide two forms of identification if they want to access bank accounts or other confidential information. It could be in the form of a security code or a physical identification, or two different security codes.

QA Testing

If your team is devoting all of its time to creating products and apps, it could be a struggle to test each aspect to make sure that everything is perfect. Outsourcing can help keep your products and apps the best they could be without burning out your team.

Business Applications

It is expensive to develop an app. It seems like an excellent idea to develop apps that are tailored to your company operations and staff however, hiring a developer to create a business app needs a lot of time, patience, and money. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of extensive business applications that can be used for almost everything.

Projects Outside Your Expertise

IT experts are not professionals in all kinds of technologies. They might be knowledgeable in a certain area but that doesn’t automatically mean that they could handle a related project without any prior training. Given that, it’s better to outsource projects that are beyond your scope of expertise.

Tasks That Can’t Be Automated

In case you have a lot of cumbersome tasks to deal with, addressing them all yourself could be time consuming. If hiring another employee to get the job done for you is a waste of resources, then you should consider automating those tasks. If not, you should think about outsourcing.

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