A Guide To Managed Firewall Services

managed firewalls

The first line of defense against various types of threats is a firewall. Plus, a properly managed firewall can offer better protection. A lot of employees spend most of their day on the internet, sending and receiving emails, and using cloud-based applications.

The emails and the internet sometimes have malicious web links that may contain malicious code that lets others like hackers access your data. SpartanTec, Inc. offers managed firewall services that will help make sure that your firewall is set up correctly, maintained, and monitored regularly.

Benefits of Managed Firewall Services

Security and Better Internet Performance

A firewall that’s been set up correctly could offer strong security as well as optimize the performance of your internet. By using an IT security professional to define the policies, create the right firewall rules along with its maintenance is a must. SpartanTec, Inc. in Fayetteville is here to help you in defining secure policies, configuring, monitoring, and maintaining your firewall so that it stays secure even when your company changes. A firewall that’s been incorrectly set up could offer a false sense of security.

Protection Against Threats, Offers Cost Savings

Firewalls can also protect your company against threats and offer cost savings by assisting employees in becoming more productive. Firewalls must also comply with security regulations like GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, as well as state-based laws for personal privacy.

The primary purpose of the firewall is to block unauthorized traffic and potential threat. Apart from that, firewalls could also block threats by using Unified Threat Management.

Enhance Employee Productivity

The new generation of UTM firewalls can also improve the productivity of your employees. Aside from preventing access to unwanted sites like entertainment, pornography, and the like, it is also possible to report and block access to undesired web applications like file sharing, downloads, music, games, streaming videos, etc. Firms could also control the internet bandwidth usage, which in return results in lower ISP costs and enhanced productivity for all other users.

What is included in a managed firewall service?

  • Firewall testing and configuration
  • Joint planning
  • Safe firewall policy development
  • Next-gen firewall setup and management
  • Round the clock firewall monitoring
  • Continuous firewall security tuning
  • Firewall maintenance updates
  • Firewall configuration changes
  • Firewall disaster recovery
  • Compliance level report
  • Support and troubleshooting

Why you need managed firewall services?

  • To secure your internet gateway
  • To get 24×7 secure firewall monitoring
  • Secure Wifi, VPNs, App, and user control
  • Customize the security for the network and usage
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Boost internet performance
  • Protect data from external threats
  • Protect staff from phishing and malware
  • Professional security support
  • Real-time adjustments, support, and maintenance
  • Safety and peace of mind

Call SpartanTec, Inc. in Fayetteville now. We offer managed firewall services that are suitable for small, medium, as well as enterprise businesses.

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