Zero trust CSOs can improve the network security of your company through a zero trust network. It is the first step in building a strong defense against internal and external attacks.

Simply put, zero trust security limits access to confidential and sensitive data to only those that require it. The idea is to get more support with each successful reported data breach. It could have prevented the latest data breach, wherein tens of millions of confidential accounts have been stolen from Anthem Inc., a health care provider in the U.S.

Zero trust has been created to prevent data breaches. Since it’s the core of the data center where you could see things, it has the greatest hope of stopping it across all of the egress points.

Different controls are just made to protect the online connection but there are different places data could be exfiltrated from your network. It can be performed via your Wi-Fi, your VOIP, WAN, cloud, and business partners. There are different places that are not checked or controlled. As a matter of fact, some companies have networks that can be considered as one big blindspot.



5 Steps To Create A Zero Trust Network

Determine and classify the data of the company. If you focus on network devices exclusively as well as their protection and forget the confidential data then there will always be data breaches.

Know how data flows across your network for every application. Be sure to optimize the flow of data to improve your company’s cybersecurity.

Base the data flow when you’re developing you’re your zero trust network. Identify and optimize a path that will encourage the proper use of data, and denies or flags any transaction where someone is misusing or abusing data. A segmentation gateway or a next generation firewall can help build microperimeters around confidential data.

Make automated rules surrounding your network to encourage access control and the inspection policies for the firewalls/gateways. One possibility is to leverage network virtualization techs that are software defined so the right traffic is sent to the appropriate inspection point so it could be monitor those who are trying to steal your data.

There should be application layer visibility because it traverses the gateway to identify malicious traffic. Another recommendation is to use a firewall auditing solution to audit and then optimize the network segmentation rules.

Check the network security so you can see where more insight is required. Log and then check all the traffic, both external and internal traffic. A security analytics system must link the segmentation gateways to prevent malicious traffic.

Encryption is good but that alone can’t keep your data secure. You need zero trust to boost your security.

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