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managed IT Services Fayetteville NCManaged IT Services is the process of improving or replacing the management of business functions with the help of a third party company. In the past decade, managed IT services have become extremely popular especially within the IT industry. These solutions include the management of data center and telephony, cor network, as well as IT maintenance such as patch management and break/fix management.



What are Managed IT Service Providers?

An MSP or managed IT Service Fayetteville NC providers is a firm that owns and manages a service or technology and permits their use to any client using a subscription.

MSPs have become increasingly popular. There is a growing demand for managed services and that’s why providers such as SpartanTec, Inc. are investing heavily in their infrastructure to make sure they offer top quality services to their clients.

Why Use Managed It Services?

The needs of businesses vary and that means the IT Services Fayetteville NC services they require are different as well. But what are the reasons why you should hire managed IT services?

High hardware expenses

It’s extremely costly to purchase technology architectures without any guarantee that they won’t become obsolete after a year or two.

Increasingly specialized technologies

In the past, companies can hire a few IT employees to manage, build, and fix problems across their IT enterprise. These days, in order to guarantee availability and high performance, IT teams are developed for every IT function such as security, data center, and more.

Cost of qualified employees

There is a high demand for IT personnel and hiring them doesn’t come cheap. If you want to hire one, you’ll have to take care of expenses.

Scarcity of qualified employees

Even if you have employed an IT team, the question is if you have enough of them to take care of your IT needs. Aside from that, you need to make sure that your in-house IT team is always updated. This can be costly. But that won’t be a problem if you work with IT services provider.

There are several MSPs offering different services which can be used in different ways. But how do you differentiate a vendor from a true partner? An excellent managed IT service provider is one that will provide you with a sound advice. It challenges you and provides you with a constructive and honest assessment even if it is at their own detriment. A good partner is transparent when it comes to all their dealings with your company. And above all else, they treat your confidential issues, hiccups, and shutdowns that affect your business as if it was their own.

SpartanTec, Inc. believes that through developing a committed partnership, empowering people, and engaging in a community will encourage collaborative prosperity that will affect businesses, employees, and even the world positively.

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IT Services Fayetteville NCToday’s technological innovations and the managed IT services Fayetteville NC offered by providers have empowered small businesses to do things that would have been utterly unimaginable even 15 years ago. To remain competitive in a constantly shifting landscape, we’ve become more dependent on software and hardware to house even the most basic structures of the companies we run.

Meanwhile, these technologies are evolving at breakneck speed. Every day, there’s a slew of new devices to consider, a pile of new updates to install and a new feature to wrap our heads around. Every morning, we wake up and the digital world is thrillingly new.

What Can You Do About Cybercrime?

But all over the world, there’s an insidious network of criminals keeping up with this insanely rapid pace of progress. With every new IT security measure designed to protect our digital assets, there are thousands of hackers working around the clock to determine a new way to break through. An estimated 978,000 fresh new malware threats are released into the world each day. The term “up to date” doesn’t mean much anymore in the wake of new developments arriving minute by minute.

There’s a price to pay for the increased efficiency and reach enabled by the digital age. We’ve all heard the story before. A massive, multinational corporation neglects some aspect of their security and falls victim to a crippling large-scale cyberattack, with criminals lifting millions of dollars in customer data and digital assets. Equifax, J.P. Morgan, Home Depot, Yahoo!, Verizon, Uber and Target – these narratives are so commonplace that they barely raise an eyebrow when we read about them in the news.




Most business owners wrongly assume that these incidents have no bearing on their own companies, but these high-profile incidents account for less than half of data breaches. In fact, according to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, 61% of attacks are directed at small businesses, with half of the 28 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in America coming under fire within the last year.

It’s hard to imagine how you can possibly protect yourself from these innumerable threats. Statistically, you can be all but certain that hackers will come for your data, and there’s no way to know what new tool they’ll be equipped with when they do.

IT Services Fayetteville NC Can Help

You may not be able to foresee the future, but you can certainly prepare for it. With research, education and resources, you can implement a robust IT Services Fayetteville NC into the fabric of your business. That way, you can send hackers packing before they get their hooks into the organization you’ve spent years building from the ground up.

One huge leap you can make right now for the security of your business is to simply realize that IT Support Fayetteville NC isn’t something you can install and leave alone for years, months or even days. It requires regular updates and the attention of professionals to ensure there’s no gap in your protection. There are new shady tactics being used by criminals every day, but there are also fresh protocols you can use to stave them off.

Managed IT Services Fayetteville NC Are Essential

Small business owners assume that since they don’t have the resources of a Fortune 500 company, they don’t have the means to invest in anything but the barest of managed IT services Fayetteville NC. Obviously, hackers know this and target SMBs in droves. The bad news is that most businesses’ paper-thin barriers won’t save them in the event of a crisis. The good news is that it doesn’t take thousands upon thousands of dollars to implement a security system that will send the hackers packing.


Call SpartanTec Inc, now for information on how our managed IT services can help protect your business against cybercrime.


SpartanTec, Inc.
Fayetteville, NC 28304
(910) 745-7776

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