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Managed IT ServicesManaged IT services is crucial for all businesses, whether big or small. The Internet is the backbone of the new digital economy. McKinsey estimates that data growth has generated 10% net new growth in GDP, and with the increase of IoT, it is estimated that in just three years there will be 4.3 devices connected to the Internet for every man, woman, and child on the planet. And that number is expected to grow into the hundreds. This has significant ramifications for how businesses operate.



Managing Risk

The problem with our increasing reliance on data is that anything that can be generated, transmitted, stored, or analyzed can also be stolen. The question that many businesses are grappling with is, “how can we capitalize on the opportunity of the digital economy while managing the attendant risk?”

This is the role of risk management.

The challenge is that traditional risk management strategies do not always translate well to our new distributed and elastic networking ecosystems or the increasing sophistication of cybercrime. Increasing hyperconnectivity of devices and networks, the globalization of the digital economy, advances in cybercrime techniques, and the commercialization of crime-as-a-service has resulted in an explosion in both the frequency and severity of cybersecurity attacks.

Given the radical transformation of network infrastructures, every organization, regardless of size or industry, needs to regularly examine their exposure to cyber risks and prepare for a potential incident. The basic formula is Risk = Threat x Vulnerability x Consequence. While this may seem simple on the surface, getting the information required to make a risk calculation is not trivial.

Historically, organizations have focused primarily on reducing and managing the threat and vulnerability components of the equation. Of course, we need to understand what devices are on our network, where our data lives, who has access to these resources, and how applications and services connect these things together.

However, managing these elements of the equation is becoming increasingly complicated, and given the current rate of effective security breaches, it can be argued that it hasn’t been particularly effective.  Part of the problem is that the isolated security tools and platforms currently deployed in our networks to address threat and vulnerability were never designed to protect today’s complex ecosystems. As we move infrastructure and services to the cloud, implement and adopt IoT technologies, embrace a more mobile workforce, and acknowledge the growth of shadow IT (where data and services live outside the network, and often out of the sight or control of the IT organization), the potential attack surface grows.

In order to be effective, risk management needs to focus more resources on the third element of the equation, which is consequence. To do that, defenders must invest time and energy getting to know what data is worth protecting, who and what can access it, and how to build an ecosystem designed to prioritize and protect your digital assets and resources.

Doing this requires creating digital trust and hiring managed IT services Fayetteville NC.

Digital Trust

Effective cybersecurity is more than just defense. It is an essential enabler of digital transformation. If organizations and users can’t trust their data, and trust that it is safe, they will not engage or take the risks that drive growth, and the digital economy will fail.

To establish digital trust, every member of the ecosystem must commit to doing their part to secure mutually valuable assets. Because interconnected networks span a variety of ecosystems, from cloud and IoT to virtualized networks and endpoint devices, protecting what’s left of our borders is no longer enough. To weave digital trust into the environment, organizations require an integrated security architecture that can provide transparency and control from top to bottom, across the entire distributed technology landscape.

But digital trust is about much more than technology. It requires shifting our paradigms from being reactive to proactive. This includes educating people, establishing a culture in which security is paramount, understanding the risks associated with business objectives, and mindfully creating processes that engineer as much risk out of the system as possible.

The goal of any risk management strategy is to maximize the opportunity while minimizing risk. This requires understanding your business goals, the context of your market, customers, value proposition, and your expected results (KPI’s) and connecting them to a cybersecurity strategy. Risk can only be quantified by knowing what your vulnerabilities are as well as the impact to your organization if they are exploited.

Managed IT Services: Digital Trust Starts at the Top

The person primarily tasked with the protection of data assets in many organizations is the CISO. Today’s CISO must be more than a technologist and risk manager. They must also be business leaders, They must understand short and long-term business objectives, have clear line-of-sight across the organization and technology, and be able to establish policy and governance for everyone who touches your data.  At every step along the way, it should be possible for the CISO to assess vulnerabilities and threats, size the consequences of compromises, and tie investments and focus to business objectives.

It can’t stop there, however. While the CISO is the quarterback, cybersecurity as a core behavior needs to permeate every function and all levels of the organization, from the CEO and CFO on down. Each business or functional leader must be mandated to embed security into the core processes and initiatives that they respectively own. And every employee needs to understand that good security practice benefits everyone. There can be no single throat to choke – all leaders must have a role in assigning risk and assuming the weight of consequences.

To do this effectively, organizations need to be more precise about describing why something is risky.  Is this risk due to a system or process vulnerability, an internal or external threat, or the consequence of something else? Organizations also need to assess the size of a risk - low, medium, or high – to appropriately allocate resources, and estimate the consequences should a breach be successful.

Finally, you have to prepare for the unknown. Many organizations that have dealt with a breach can tell you that some risks you aren’t even aware of can have severe consequences. Which means you need to be thoughtful about engineering as much risk out of your infrastructure and processes as possible to protect your most critical assets, rather than simply relying on reactive security technology.


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IT servicesIt is important to have all the information you need about your customers and clients. However, making sure that these private details remain safe is as important as the overall health of any business. Several small business owners could provide a more attractive target for shady individuals like hackers than bigger firms since they do not invest as many resources in cyber security and IT services. This could hold true for smaller firms that are third party providers for bigger companies.

For instance, the hackers who got debit and credit card information from 40 million Target clients during the Christmas shopping season back in 2013 reportedly got access to the systems of the national retailers targeted a smaller company first. The system of the target was compromised through the use of the network credential of a contractor from Pennsylvania who provides and maintains refrigerating, and HVAC systems for the company.

It’s crucial for small businesses as well as their employees to be careful of the kind of sensitive information they have that a hacker would want. Think of how crucial this data is and what could happen when the hackers got their hands on it and how it will affect your general business model.



Effective Data Protection Tips From IT Services Professionals

Here are a few suggestions for protecting your system and making sure that the personal information of your employees and customers are private:

  1. If you collect information, then you should protected from unauthorized and inappropriate access.
  2.  Be sure to have a stronger data privacy and IT support system. Clients have to know that you’re safeguarding their information. Be sure that you’ve got a policy that they could refer to, which explains how you are safeguarding their information. Be sure to remain straightforward with your clients regarding the consumer data that you collect and what exactly you do with it. Be honest with them could help you develop consumer trust and show that you value their data and you are doing everything you can to protect it.
  3. You need to know what exactly you are protecting. You should know all the information that you have and where you are storing it, exactly how you are using it and who’s got access it it. You should have a good understanding of the type of assets you’ve got and why hackers may want to get them. You can’t protect what you have no idea about.
  4.  Never underestimate the potential and existing threat. In a certain survey that’s performed by the Alliance, 85 percent of small business owners think larger enterprises are targeted compared to them. As a matter of fact, there have been instances when small business have lost a hefty amount of cash to cybercriminals.
  5.  Don’t get what you don’t need. There more important information that you have, then chances are you will be a bigger target. Don’t use social security numbers or other important personal information for client identification. Instead, go for log in identification as well as passwords. Add additional layers of identification to prevent attackers from simulating others. Think about deleting personal information that you have no need for.
  6. Make sure that your machine is clean. You must have the latest web browser, security software, and operating system. These are among the best defences against malware, viruses, as well as other online threats. Several software programs would update and connect automatically to defend against known risks. If there’s an option to turn automatic updates on then you should switch it on.
  7.  Use several security layers. Spam filters would weed out phishing and malware scams, a lot of which are aimed exactly at companies, keeping your email easier and safer to use. Use a firewall to keep sensitive data in and criminals out.
  8. You should scan all of your new devices. Make sure that you scan all your devices including USBs before you starting using them or attaching them to your network.
  9.  Don’t forget to educate your employees. Your staff are the handlers of the data of all your customers. They should be kept updated about the proper ways to protect that information to be sure that it doesn’t accidentally go to the wrong hands. They must be educated regarding the newest fraud schemes and they should be urged to use the best and most effective practices like not replying to or opening unfamiliar attachments or clicking on any suspicious link in any unsolicited email messages they receive.
  10. Keep your mobile devices protected. Tablets, smartphones, and laptops could add to the productivity and flexibility of your employee, but they could also become repositories of important information, which, when lost, could harm your clients and your company. You should inculcate among your employees as well as other partners how important it is to keep these devices safe from theft or loss. At the same time, you should stress that it is worse if they don’t report such as incident.


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SpartanTec, Inc.
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managed IT Services Fayetteville NCManaged IT Services is the process of improving or replacing the management of business functions with the help of a third party company. In the past decade, managed IT services have become extremely popular especially within the IT industry. These solutions include the management of data center and telephony, cor network, as well as IT maintenance such as patch management and break/fix management.



What are Managed IT Service Providers?

An MSP or managed IT Service Fayetteville NC providers is a firm that owns and manages a service or technology and permits their use to any client using a subscription.

MSPs have become increasingly popular. There is a growing demand for managed services and that’s why providers such as SpartanTec, Inc. are investing heavily in their infrastructure to make sure they offer top quality services to their clients.

Why Use Managed It Services?

The needs of businesses vary and that means the IT Services Fayetteville NC services they require are different as well. But what are the reasons why you should hire managed IT services?

High hardware expenses

It’s extremely costly to purchase technology architectures without any guarantee that they won’t become obsolete after a year or two.

Increasingly specialized technologies

In the past, companies can hire a few IT employees to manage, build, and fix problems across their IT enterprise. These days, in order to guarantee availability and high performance, IT teams are developed for every IT function such as security, data center, and more.

Cost of qualified employees

There is a high demand for IT personnel and hiring them doesn’t come cheap. If you want to hire one, you’ll have to take care of expenses.

Scarcity of qualified employees

Even if you have employed an IT team, the question is if you have enough of them to take care of your IT needs. Aside from that, you need to make sure that your in-house IT team is always updated. This can be costly. But that won’t be a problem if you work with IT services provider.

There are several MSPs offering different services which can be used in different ways. But how do you differentiate a vendor from a true partner? An excellent managed IT service provider is one that will provide you with a sound advice. It challenges you and provides you with a constructive and honest assessment even if it is at their own detriment. A good partner is transparent when it comes to all their dealings with your company. And above all else, they treat your confidential issues, hiccups, and shutdowns that affect your business as if it was their own.

SpartanTec, Inc. believes that through developing a committed partnership, empowering people, and engaging in a community will encourage collaborative prosperity that will affect businesses, employees, and even the world positively.

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COVID-19 has changed the lives of everyone. Everybody is also operating under the mentality that this is now our reality, although everyone is still hoping that things will return to their normal condition down the road. However, there are few things that remain including managed IT Services Fayetteville NC. As a matter of fact, since remote work has become much more common, IT requirements have evolved. They’re now more complicated and necessary.

As you’re finalizing your business plan for the year 2021, and strategizing methods to retain and acquire clients, it might help understand why businesses need IT Support in Fayetteville NC.

Why Businesses Need Managed IT Services

When considering how to best position your IT support, it’s worth taking into account what points will make the most convincing sell. Keep in mind that although you may think that SMBs must adapt your business model for a single reason, they might have totally different priorities that you must appeal to. So, what should you consider when promoting and selling to possible clients?

The constraining factors on business operations are access to funding, looking for the appropriate technology to satisfy their needs, and finding the right people to hire. And, one of the important things that everyone is thinking about at this moment is how to address cybersecurity threats.

Reasons Why Businesses Seek Out Managed IT Services

Access to new technology – In most cases, companies that you want to partner with have IT staff that is overburdened or do not have the right skills or training needed for specific tasks, or cannot take care of the network of the entire company on their own. As a response, these firms know the value of having to work with a third-party IT support team, such as a IT Services Fayetteville NC provider. Not only does outsourcing IT help you by giving you access to the IT experts who will fix problems that come up.

Cost savings and ROI – among the biggest values of having managed IT services are enjoying cost savings. The budget for your IT may include software and hardware cost, network infrastructure, and maintenance costs. Additionally, the labor cost is important for any business but most especially for businesses that depend on managed IT services.

Improved Security – Security has become a vexing concern for all businesses, regardless of their size. You need to invest in managed IT services if you want to secure your company and client data.

Peace of Mind – if there’s one thing that managed IT services can give you, it’s peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about your IT operations every day. You don’t have to worry about your network connection. You don’t need to concern yourself with the state of your environment. By working with a company that offers managed IT services, you will get 24/7 IT service. Therefore, you’ll spend more time doing what matters most, running your business.

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