Firewalls Fayetteville  NCAre you using the internet in your business? If yes, then having a firewall is imperative regardless of what you do. Let’s take a closer look what a firewall is and how it works to protect you against online threats.

What is a firewall?

In terms of a building construction, the firewall will prevent fire from spreading to other parts of the structure. When it comes to a computer network, a firewall will keep security threats from breaching or spreading through your network.

Firewalls can be a hardware or a software. A hardware firewall is a physical device that offer protection between your network as well as the outside world. Software firewalls live on every computer and server. They utilize programs to prevent malicious software. In case you have a remote staff, you could utilize a VPN to ensure that every data will go through your firewalls.

The Importance Of A Firewall

A network firewall is an important component of any company’s network security. Even if you already have other measures set in place, there are still several reasons why your business needs to have a firewall.




Guess Who Your Biggest Weakness Is?

Your users remain as the biggest weakness of your company. Even with extensive training, human nature dictates that they will eventually bypass your security measures.

It’s maybe because they tend to forget the role they play in your company and its security. Perhaps they have decided that they are way too hard and that they slow things down. It may even be that they are attempting to breach your network with a certain degree of malicious intent.

This simply means there are several reasons and ways for them to break through your cybersecurity.

A firewall Fayetteville NC will block these types of carelessness and mistakes to make sure that your network is kept safe even if your staff fail to do anything that you’ve trained them to do.

Are passwords not enough?

Of course, you need to have strong passwords. It remains to be part of your cybersecurity policy. This includes requiring special characters so that your passwords won’t be easy to crack. It also means change your passwords regularly.

However, passwords only work if it needs to be entered. It’s comparable to a roadblock. In case a person will drive up to checkpoint, they could be turned away when they don’t have the required passwords.

But what will happen when the roadblock is surrounded by wide, open, and unguarded open fields? People who would like to get in could just get around the roadblock.

Your firewalls are the guards, the fences, and other measures that make sure nobody could just bypass your roadblock. And when they do, it will also act like the locked interior rooms and building doors to make sure that they don’t go any further.

It’s Your Professional Obligation

In case you are in finance, law, healthcare or other fields where you have access to your client’s personal and sensitive information, you have a professional obligation to protect it. If you fail to do so, you will have to face a lawsuit and large fines. And you may even lose your professional license.

Your line of work will most likely have security compliance regulations that may need a firewall. Even if your professional doesn’t require it, you should still consider getting one since it can help protect you against ransomware, data breaches, as well as other types of online attacks.


Avoid expensive compliance violations and possible data breaches by making the needed preparations beforehand and setting up measures to secure your network. Call SpartanTec, Inc. in Fayetteville now for more information.


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